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Ginebra And Change

Barangay Ginebra board representative Robert Non couldn’t hide his disappointment upon breaking the news that Josh Powell, the former two-time NBA champion is leaving to consider the call-up by the Houston Rockets.

Powell - LA
Josh Powell played just two games for Ginebra in the Commissioner’s Cup.

Of course, being “orphaned’ at the crucial stage of the elimination round isn’t fun at all, considering Ginebra’s volatile situation. Even Gin King fans are shocked, since they were hopeful that the former LA Laker big man could help the team overcome its conference struggles.

While the Gin Kings are already assured of a playoff spot in the Commissioner’s Cup despite their anaemic 3-5 record, the league’s most popular ball club obviously wants to get into the best-of-three quarterfinals, instead of colliding with the no. 1 seed Talk ‘N Text in the playoffs.

Now, with the 6-8 Powell’s sudden departure, Ginebra has no other recourse but to look for a replacement.

Good thing former two-time PBA Best Import Gabe Freeman is available, and expected to make it by Wednesday in order to get his documents worked out just before offices close shop in observance of the Holy Week.



It can bring a smile on your face, or make you frown or at times, cause you to worry.

My wife and I have gone through numerous changes, as well.

The day we exchanged “I dos”, we already entered the realm of “change”.

Change came when our first child, Bea was born.

Our budget “changed” as we set aside a regular amount for Bea’s milk, diaper, and numerous other baby stuffs.

Change continued when Ava gave birth to David in 2007 and later on, Niquee in 2012.

Kids are rewards from the Lord, the Bible says. Just the experience of holding our babies, seeing them experience many “firsts” in life, brought so much joy to us as well.

But there are also changes that can cause concerns to us.

Sickness, joblessness, relational challenges, or even sudden financial difficulties can all bring discomfort, anxiety and at times, frustrations.

But here’s what I realised: we live in a world that “eats and breathes” change.

Change is part of life, whether we like it or not. We grow white or gray hairs as we age. Some of us, who used to be slim during their teenage years, gain weight later on in life and would eventually have a hard time losing the extra pounds.

Change will always be a constant as long as we live.

Yet, we can find comfort and encouragement with the fact in that God does not change amidst our changing landscape.

Hebrews 13:8 (English Standard Version) says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


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