Fast lane and the need to slow down ?>

Fast lane and the need to slow down

People like driving the fast lane. Photo source:

When I started driving 11 years ago, my average driving speed on the road was somewhere between 40 to 60 kilometers per hour.

However, as I grew more comfortable on the wheels, I started liking the fast lane most especially when I bring my family to the province where I’m away from Metro Manila’s crazy traffic congestion.

Today, people like the “fast lane” too, even if they don’t drive.

The fast lane refers to people’s desire to go for anything that offers the fastest or speediest results.

We see a courier company like Air21 promising everyone that they will bring their parcels and boxes safe to recipients.

When we’re hungry, we go to the nearest sari-sari store to buy Lucky Me instant noodle or pancit canton.

Some go to the nearest fastfood restaurant to avail of a meal with drink.

We’ve also rid of the dial-up connections and they have since been replaced by the so-called “high-speed” connections.

Amid the people’s craze for the fast lane, I realized that speed isn’t the only thing. There will always have to be times when we have to pause for a while as we drop some of the things we do on a regular basis.

I’m reminded of a Bible passage in Mark 1:35, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

Since Jesus’ time, people like living in the fast lane already.

People rushed to have their sick loved ones touched by Jesus. Blind men, who heard Jesus passing by, were calling out His name, hoping that their eyes could be opened.

All over Galilee and wherever Jesus would go, people are in need. In need of His touch, in need of His life-giving message and in need of His miracle.

In all these high demands from people, Jesus never lost sight of His priority. He was certainly tired after healing people and ministering to them prior to verse 36, but He took the time to be away from the concerns of the people.

For Jesus, more than just the daily ministry grind, Jesus valued His relationship with the Father in heaven.

Truth of the matter is, the cares of this world at times, could sap our passion and zest for life. And like Jesus, it’s vital for all of us to stay connected with God.

Do you like the fast lane? Maybe it’s time to slow down for a moment and focus on your Maker.

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