Ever Been Angry And Furious? ?>

Ever Been Angry And Furious?


Just this afternoon, I had a heated discussion with one of our family business’ suppliers, who was trying to twist the contract that he provided. Honestly, I felt really disappointed with the kind of transaction our company is into. 

As “small” as the amount involved may seem compared to other money dealings, the incident just exposed how irritated and angry I get when outwitted by people who would naturally manipulate things for their ends. 

name-callingI was furious! I was angry! Then, I argued with God that he deserved my “sermon”, so-to-speak. Anyways, he tried  to deceive us by not following what was stipulated in the contract. 

I have appeared rude and unkind with my stern and “high-pitched” voice. It was my first to talk to that supplier, but it was definitely not my first to handle such kind of people. 

I was taken aback by different sorts, from helpers to co-workers, neighbors to relatives, and acquaintances to close friends. Different people leaving the same sting of betrayal and injustice. 

Realizing that the heaviness took over my heart for a couple of hours, I then inquired of God what to do. I burst out my piece and asked, “Forgive me, Lord, if in any way I sinned against you!” 

I wasn’t sure yet if my approach was wrong, up to this time I’m writing my thoughts. Should I have been gentle? Should I have been extra kind? Should I have pretended naive about the situation? 

But then I started looking around, injustice and deceit are common things. Should we treat these lightly?  Or should we allow these to look more closely to what God would say or do at times when faced with these?

I was back bitten, betrayed and deceived. 

All of us were. And all of us have (back bitten, betrayed and deceived)  in one way or another.

With all these truths hanging in my mind, I  am truly grateful that God didn’t take all these things against me. He instead accepted me, forgave me and created in me a heart that, yes, could still feel angry and furious, but can be regenerated by His unconditional love.

Going back to that man, crook or not, may I approach him still with a firm kindness that speaks so loudly, “I know what you are doing, but I will still respect and be kind to you no matter how hard it is. Not because you are good. But because the God I serve, obey and love is.”

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