Derrick Rose among the Celtic thorns ?>

Derrick Rose among the Celtic thorns

I could just imagine Boston coach Glen Rivers wishing that a healthy Kevin Garnett was inside the playing court to provide the leadership and defensive spunk.

derrick-roseEspecially now that the Celtics sorely needed Garnett even more in their first round NBA playoff skirmish against the young Chicago Bulls squad.

But it just wouldn’t happen, what with Garnett helplessly watching on the sidelines because of his knee injury.

Well, the Bulls are now making the Celtics pay. Just watch Game 6.

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5 thoughts on “Derrick Rose among the Celtic thorns

    1. yup, certainly one of the best games in the post-Jordan era. considering the group of young guys playing for the Bulls, it’s certainly a big surprise that they could give a big push against the Celtics and make them work harder during the first round

    1. Well, the Bulls are surely one big revelation during the recent NBA Playoffs. I just wonder how they would figure this 2010 season without Ben Gordon, whom the team lost toe the Detroit Pistons. There’d surely be some changes on the team’s offensive flow since Gordon is one reliable veterans and surely whose production would be sorely missed.

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