Dads, are you faced with overwhelming odds? ?>

Dads, are you faced with overwhelming odds?

imageAs a father, I am regularly faced with overwhelming odds – from providing for my family, to leading my wife and kids, mentoring and guiding my 3 kids in the Biblical way and a whole lot more.Oftentimes, these odds tend to weigh heavily on me, making me think at times that breakthroughs and victories in the things we are praying for seem impossible.

But as I read the Bible earlier after celebrating Father’s Day with my family, God reminded me once more about this undeniable truth – that “impossibilities are mere figment of our imagination – because God is ABLE and WILLING to lead me into victory.” (You can check out Matthew 19:26 or Luke 1:37 as references.)

If you’re a dad and you feel the weight of your family’s various concerns, may you find strength from that timeless truth I just shared.

Impossibilities? It is just a figment of our imagination. When we learn to lay down all our cares and burden to the One who created us, we draw the strength to override any impossible task.
Happy Father’s Day!

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