Curry’s “Steph” Of Faith In The NBA ?>

Curry’s “Steph” Of Faith In The NBA

It’s amazing to see how Golden State Warrior’s fast-rising shooting star Stephen Curry has managed to keep his faith alive in the NBA where egos and fame abound.

Steph CurryThe 25-year-old Curry, who entered the NBA in the 2009 draft as the seventh overall pick by the Warriors, has been one of the biggest reasons why Golden State is in the playoffs this season.

Just before the regular season ended, Curry broke the NBA record for three-pointers made in a single season.

Curry finished the season with 272 made three pointers, three more than previous record held by current Miami Heat veteran gunner Ray Allen. The highlight of Curry’s regular season was his 11-of-13 three-point field goals in a  loss to the New York Knicks, though he finished with 54 points.

Golden State, which went 47–35 to earn the sixth seed in the 2013 NBA Playoffs, is ahead, 2-1 in their first round match up against the third-seeded Denver Nuggets.

Curry acknowledged that playing in the “big stage” commands a huge responsibility in itself because everything he does is now under the public scrutiny.

Below is a portion of what he told Sports Spectrum’s writer Stephen Copeland in a March 2013 issue (headline: The Year That Changed Him).

“He (God) has given me a lot of responsibility.  He’s encouraged me to really be the spiritual head of the house He has called all men to be. It’s easy when you’re by yourself to be selfish about it, but when you have other people you are accountable for—emotionally, spiritually, physically—it’s a different ball game.

“For me, being the one everyone is looking to for spiritual guidance when it comes to leading our family in the right direction, it’s a big responsibility, but I can’t thank God enough for that.”

On the challenge of living the life of a professional baller…

“Totally different situation. Different priorities. Different interests. Me, personally, battling being a part of the team and not being the odd ball out—that’s the hardest thing to balance.

“My priority is to be a man and child of God and not get sucked into the temptations a lot of guys don’t have a problem getting into. Family definitely helps me in that regard because if my faith carries them and they’re happy, I know I’m doing the right thing.”

I’m no Golden State Warriors fan, but just by reading the Sports Spectrum article, it just shows that with the help of God, Curry could stand for his conviction.

We all read how some NBA players, who have money and fame, tend to abuse what they have and spend it with reckless abandon. And in the process, end up either in jail or hurting someone because of their imprudence.

But hopefully, Curry’s life can serve as an inspiration for all us – whether we are athletes or average Juan dela Cruzes.

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