Cariaso, Ginebra And Adversities ?>

Cariaso, Ginebra And Adversities

Jeff cariaso
Ginebra coach Jeff Cariaso faces a tall order as he tries to guide the team back to its mission of winning the championship.

There’s no doubt that Barangay Ginebra’s rookie coach Jeffrey Cariaso is under extreme pressure late in the PBA Philippine Cup eliminations.

For what was once a promising 5-1 start for the PBA’s crowd darlings, have suddenly turned into a nightmarish streak of losses, beginning with Ginebra’s 77-79 loss to sister team San Miguel Beer, which was eventually followed by embarrassing losses to Meralco (99-109) and just last Sunday, versus GlobalPort (77-98).

Although Ginebra’s practice last Monday (Dec. 1) showed no signs of the negative effect of Sunday’s humiliating 21-point loss at the hands of the Batang Pier, yet, from the tone of Cariaso’s voice, I can sense his competitive juice flowing out as he rallied his troops after concluding their hour-long walk-through of their plays versus Alaska that; yes, they can crawl back into the playoffs with renewed vigor.

“I believe in my guys,” Cariaso said with conviction. “Every road to the Finals, there’s always a struggle, always an adversity.”

Ginebra practice
Ginebra during Monday’s (Dec. 1) practice at the CCF gym.

He followed his statement with a confident tone that his players, all battle-tested veterans, are men enough and, more importantly, mature enough to handle such intense pressure from its legion of basketball fans, whose only dream is to see their favorite team finally end the franchise’s six-year PBA title drought.

“Let’s show our maturity and (that we’ll) be able to handle it (losing streak). Hopefully, tomorrow (Tuesday) will be a good start,” he said.

Sports competitions mirror life’s daily struggles.

• Mom and dad who wonder if their only child, diagnosed with polio can still live a normal and productive life

• You may be taking care of your cancer-stricken brother

• More likely, you’ve been jobless for the last six months, and you wonder what lies ahead when 2014 ends

• You’ve been struggling to overcome some hurtful words spoken to you by your superior, despite your hardwork and dedication to the company

• Maybe, you’ve been cheated by your spouse and you wonder, how long you need to endure it.

Struggles. Adversities. Challenges. All these are part of life.

Some fold up. Others give up. Some people lose hope and end up desperate, looking for answers elsewhere.

My wife and I also go through ups and downs. We get discouraged at times. And there are times, when the prayers we utter before the Lord in our private moment with Him seem to fall into “deaf ears”.

But in the years we’ve walked with the Lord as Christ-followers, here’s what we realized: “The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” (Psalm 9:9-10)

God is never late in His promises. When you have a personal relationship with Him, then you’ll learn to trust His timing while basking in the inner peace that only God can give.

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