Building family memories through fishing ?>

Building family memories through fishing

David, my 8-year-old son, couldn’t get enough of his first-ever fishing experience over the weekend at the JE Camp and Hotel in Tanay, Rizal.

Our first catch of tilapia, measured at about 3 inches, saw him jump for joy.

Guess how many kilos we caught after 2 days of fishing expedition? Well, we caught a grand total of  one and a half kilo or an equivalent of 10 pieces of tilapia, three-inch in size to seven inches in length.

Using a rod made from bamboo branch and a fishing line with hook, we had to wait for an interval of 10 minutes to as long as 30 minutes just catch a tilapia.

David, since he was 2, has grown fascinated with fish, specifically sharks. But over the weekend, he imagined himself catching sharks instead of tilapia.

As I teach him to fish, I myself, learned from that father-to-son experience the value of patience, being focused and being grateful for every tilapia we’ll be able to catch.

On the other hand, my eldest daughter Bea, treated her first fishing experience as some kind of a competition. After spending the first hour empty-handed, she got her first catch from there, vowing to catch more after her initial success.

Here’s that video:

While it’s fun to experience eating the very fish you caught, of greater worth for me is the teaching moment and bonding my son and I had during our time at the fishing area.

Here’s a video of David’s first catch of tilapia (with daddy’s help):

And here’s David’s second catch:

If you have kids, I encourage you to get out of your daily grind, take time to be with them and do some activities that will help make their childhood worth remembering.

After all, our kids won’t be kids forever so it would be great to build memories with them and grab opportunities like this as teaching moments.

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