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Bea’s Blog On Museo Pambata

Honestly, despite the busy writing assignments I have as I cover the PBA, which is in the homestretch of its Governors Cup eliminations this week, it is really a joy for me to teach and eventually see my kids develop a passion to write.

My eldest daughter, Bea is an artist in the making as I see this early. Not only is she an emerging painter, but she also has this desire to become a writer like me.

As I see Bea, and my son, David develop their writing skills, I am all the more excited as I try to finish the final phase of my writing seminar called iWrite, where my goal is to inspire people to write, so they can write to inspire.

Below is the “unedited” version of a blog Bea wrote after our field trip last Tuesday (June 10) at Museo Pambata, along Roxas Boulevard:

10464150_10152069003781548_255958356656149120_nHello everybody. I have been to Museo Pambata and Mall of Asia. When we went to MOA, we did not do anything, only eat dinner by the bay. But it was so beautiful, I never even got to stand by the bay side. 
And now I’m gonna show you some pictures here. My mom just told me to tell you guys all about our trip on June 10, 2014.
Do you know that it was so silly because i have recognised that the last time we went to the Me and My Dad camp, we ate adobo day till night. And now, we ate adobo, too. I was so shocked when i remember it. I said. AHHHHHH! OH MY GOSH WE ATE ADOBO AT ME AND MY DAD CAMP. AND NOW!…. and thats all.

10439755_10152108718002019_1024426082_nBut what I learned.. when we were at Museo Pambata
that our heart beat beats fast when we run and dance. And when our hearts are slow, it means that we are asleep. Um can i speak Tagalog if I want? Ok. calm down Bea.. oops! I have ran out of ideas. BYE… (NOTE: When Bea said something about our heart beating fast when we run and dance, she was referring to the section on the body parts and system, where you can actually listen to a giant “artery” to hear the heartbeat. See the Photo attached.)

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