Barangay Ginebra Needs To “Resurrect” On Sunday ?>

Barangay Ginebra Needs To “Resurrect” On Sunday

Going down 0-2 is certainly a bitter pill to swallow for Barangay Ginebra.

But Ginebra superstar Mark Caguioa has kept a positive disposition even though the Gin Kings are entering Sunday’s game with a 0-2 Finals deficit.

AbuevaAnd unless Barangay Ginebra comes up with a solid, consistent game plan in Game Three, the crowd darlings could become the eighth PBA team in league history to lose via a 3-0 sweep in a best-of-five Finals.

The Gin Kings have been the only team in PBA history ever to come back from what used to be an improbable situation in a Finals series.

I remember the 1991 First Conference when Ginbera, then mentored by the legendary Sonny Jaworski, bounced back from a 1-3 deficit, winning three straight to beat Formula Shell and win the PBA title.

Till this day, that feat remains unmatched.

Of course, Ginebra can learn from what its predecessors have done 22 years ago.

But it would take a total team effort to win three straight against a well-conditioned, laser-focused Alaska quintet in this race-to-three wins Finals series.

Will the confetti and balloons fall at the Big Dome on Sunday for Alaska?

Or will Barangay Ginebra extend the series?

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