An inspiring night at D Cup Coffee Republic ?>

An inspiring night at D Cup Coffee Republic

D Cup Coffee-2It may seem like an accident at first, but my wife and I felt our first visit at the D Cup Coffee Republic at the Pioneer Street Market was heaven sent.

First of all, we like coffee, not 3-in-1 but freshly brewed coffee. There’s something in the smooth, fragrant aroma of brewed coffee that gets my adrenaline pumping and juice flowing as I write and/or edit.

Our late night date though opened for us a door of opportunity to make new friends, who happen to be the owners of D Cup Coffee (located just in front of TV5 near Pioneer, Mandaluyong).

D Cup Coffee-3You see, these owners are not the typical experienced business people. Instead, these are owners, who are mostly in their 20s, with the only male owner, Clint being just 21 years old, fresh graduate from iAcademy in Makati! Talk abopit #nextgeneration!

What inspires us is the story they shared and how they envisioned D Cup to be a hub for people (coffee drinkers) to really “connect with friends”.

Looking around the place, you’ll be able to see a spot where customers can just read books for free, books that are spiritually enriching and inspiring—with authors like Chinkee Tan, Jayson Lo, Dennis Sy, Francis Kong, to foreign authors Harold Sala, Andy Stanley, John MacArthur and a whole lot more.

D Cup Coffee-4Kids also have an area where they can read kiddie books, while another owner, Phoebe, shared how they intend to put an area where kids can do activities as well, while their parents take the time off from the daily grind and have a cup of coffee.

There’s also an area where you can actually jam with your friends because there’s a guitar and a piano that you can use for free.

Such concept in a world where every move you make in Metro Manila these days require payment, is quite new to us.

Which is why, I wrote this blog to encourage you (whether you’re a coffee drinker or not) to try it out, hang out with your family, your spouse or your friends and experience what I just shared about D Cup. For sure, you would want to keep coming back.

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