A “No Regret” Journey In Life ?>

A “No Regret” Journey In Life

10934210_10152556218677019_1975586470_nMore than 10 years ago, Ava and I got married and started a family of our own.

We had lofty dreams – having our own house, kids who make the house lively and fun, traveling every year in different places, both locally and abroad, being able to regularly house people and blessing them, and so much more.

Fast forward to 2015, God has blessed us with three wonderful kids, ages 9, 7 and 3.

But we don’t have our own house yet, we haven’t traveled to different places yet, and we haven’t bought our “dream” stuffs yet.

However, in those 10 years, we felt God taught us “the more important things in life” – things that can’t be touched, things that can’t be seen by the naked eye, things like a more forgiving heart, deeper friendship with and trust for each other, more grace and patience in the way we talk to one another as well as leading and teaching our kids, more sensitivity and empathy towards others and the faith to look beyond our circumstances with a joyful and expectant heart.

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Like a clay in the potter’s hand, we felt like God is fashioning something out of our lives during those 10 years.

There were fights, which would call “passionate discussions” from time to time, “faith test”, because there have been countless moments when we felt like God wasn’t answering what we prayed for.

And the harder part was during the times when we strongly felt God wanted us to do something, we believed, we prayed, we fasted and finally, we obeyed countless times, and yet, the perceived “greener pasture” as we did His will did not pan out as expected.

But in all these, here are the things that we learned in our “first decade” in marriage –

  • blessings don’t just come in the form of bills, cheques or other material things, because most of the time, they come in good relationships that bring life and joy to each day
  • forgiveness is a daily decision, not a one-time thing
  • resilience in the midst of difficulties and failures as we anchor our faith in God’s faithfulness
  • worshiping God despite and in spite of the seemingly bad things, worship Him all the time, any time and any where.
  • and above all, the more we allow God to reign in our life, the more sensitive we become to His voice.

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