A letter from a PUP journalism that made my eyes “sweat” ?>

A letter from a PUP journalism that made my eyes “sweat”

Aside from letters and messages I receive from my wife, my kids and some of the closest people in my life, messages like the one I just posted below are what warms our hearts and yes, makes makes eyes “sweat”.

Some people may see me as stoic, or maybe borderline “snobbish” (though may be it’s because I don’t see them wave their hand to me to say ‘hi’ when I don’t wear my eyeglass), but what fattens my heart are heartfelt messages like this. (Coming from a PUP sophomore journalism student Flint Gorospe)

My wife and I are truly grateful to have the chance to interact with young people, who are passionate in writing and yes, enthusiastic to learn in a world where we are inundated with tons of information from various social media platforms.

As we welcome 2017, Richard Dy Communications will strive to organize more Campus Journalism tours, bringing along more practicing journalists who share the same passion we have in imparting what they know and equip the next generation of writers and editors.



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