A Decade Of Lessons In Marriage ?>

A Decade Of Lessons In Marriage

first decade part 2
We just celebrate our 10th anniversary on Dec. 9. Grateful to God for sustaining us through our first decade together.

My three-day leave of absence ended Thursday, but honestly, my wife and I ended up with a lot of things to thank God for.

It was certainly special for me and my wife, Ava, considering that we’ve journeyed together for the last 10 years, a decade so to speak.

As Ava and I talked about a lot of topics, from our dreams as a family, the future plans we have for the kids and so much more, I’m just reminded of how difficult it is to live life as a married couple nowadays.

Today’s generation of young, married couples and soon-to-be-married couples are exposed to celebrities, who, some, unfortunately, end up parting ways after being together for just a short period of time.

Here’s a link I just read recently regarding celebrities, whose marriages didn’t last long –


After 10 years, countless number of arguments and misunderstandings, which I would call, “passionate discussions”, my wife and I are still together, yes, together, not because we are “strong” or “wise” or “experienced”, but because we realized that we can’t make marriage work, apart from the timeless truth we learn from the Bible.

Frankly, without the help and prayers of some married couple friends we have in our “first decade” of marriage, we wouldn’t have lasted this long.

So in our journey to the “second decade” and more, our prayer and decision again, is to let God reign over our marriage, seek spiritual covering from our Christian friends and continue to love and respect each other.

If you are married or are soon to be married, let me share to you a secret to a lasting marriage: Let God be at the center of your marriage. For in God, we find “wholeness” in life.

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