A Day With The Future Journalists And Editors ?>

A Day With The Future Journalists And Editors

11124700_10152913499717019_2126831881_nThe most recognizable faces in the media industry today like Quinito Henson (sports, Philstar.com), Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez (news, GMA-7), among others, at one point, studied at one of the country’s public or private schools.

These people dreamed and most probably, were encouraged by their families and friends to pursue journalism. Through hardwork, dedication and the help of mentors, today, they are making a big difference in the media world.

At such backdrop, a few years back, I envisioned myself speaking before students because I thought, who else would help nurture the dream of some of these kids, who want to be writers and journalists, but media practitioners like me?

Since I’ve been a sports journalist over the last 18 years, why not use my God-given talent as a tool to influence the kids for something that would outlast me?

Just last Saturday (July 4), with the support of my mother-in-law’s company Rencor and SMTM talent management founder Nino Reyes, I had the chance to impart what I have learned through the years to some 60 kids from grades 4 to 6 at Albert Elementary School in Sampaloc, Manila.

I’ve heard stories of public school kids having the reputation for being rowdy, undisciplined and disrespectful, but these students from Albert Elementary School were the exact opposite.

When I asked for a show of hands, who among them would like to become journalists someday, 75 percent of the kids raised their hands with excitement.

My hope is that through the journalism seminar and workshop, these students will be inspired to use their writing skills to help improve the lives of people – championing the truth and honoring God through what they write.


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